Ananias Training

“Breaking the Silence”

Ananias Training, Participants Manual, p.3

“Sherry Weddel, in her book, Forming Intentional Disciples, describes the need to brea the culture of silence present in many Catholic communities: a culture in which it is not normal to talk about one’s relationship with Jesus Christ (pp.189-190). Being an “Ananias” for one another as we journey to follow Jesus can transform this culture of silence, replacing it with a culture in which having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and following him in the midst of his Church is normal. The fruit of a culture of discipleship is that more people are attracted to the community, and come to encounter Jesus themselves.” 


Reflect for a moment:

What have you come to realize as the connection between your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how we are called to accompany others like Ananias did with Paul?

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