To Whom It May Concern:


I have had the pleasure of working with Darrin Nelson for the last couple of years.    We served on staff at a large parish:  I, as Director of Liturgy and Music, he as Pastoral Administrator.    We met once a week for a one-on-one meeting; Darrin as the ‘voice of the pastor’ guiding my direction and planning special events.    We also worked together during monthly staff meetings, Council meetings, and gatherings with all the heads of ministry.     Part of Darrin’s responsibility was formation of both staff and ministry heads to guide them torward  discipleship of Christ, accompanying those we serve in their Christian journey, as Pope Francis spoke about in The Joy of the Gospel.

What impressed me the most was Darrin’s ability to take any challenging pastoral situation and, like the mind of a mechanical engineer, chart out all the needed moving parts in the journey toward achieving whatever mission, vision, or goal.    A great communicator, organized, balancing all the smallest details, Darrin helped move our parish from ‘maintenance mode’ to understanding how collaboration between ministries could aid us in becoming a truly vibrant parish on mission.     All he did was with a mindset of evangelization; for the sake of bringing others deeper into a relationship with Christ our savior, and keeping them engaged.

Certain you will find Darrin a responsible, professional, spiritual man of God; I welcome any further questions you may have.    It is not often that I get to write an unconditional letter of support and recommendation for one of my professional peers; one who also became a very good friend.



Cheryl Manfredonia

Director of Sacred Music and Liturgy

Saint Magdalen De Pazzi Church

Flemington, NJ

Contact Phone: (908) 751-1759

Email:   cmanfredonia@stmagdalen.org

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