To whom it may concern:                                              February 5, 2018


My name is Deacon Stephen Kern, a Roman Catholic deacon assigned to St. Magdalen de Pazzi parish in Flemington, NJ.  I am also the Director for the Office of the Diaconate for the Diocese of Metuchen, NJ.

I write this letter in support of Darrin Nelson, who I had the pleasure to work with at St. Magdalen’s for his entire time as Pastoral Administrator/ Director of Communications for the parish.  As part of his responsibilities, Darrin was in charge of the over 40 ministries at this very active parish.  I worked with Darrin as a fellow member of the Pastoral Parish Council and (with my wife) as Coordinator of Marriage Ministry.

Darrin shared the vision of our pastor that it was important for Council members and ministry coordinators to not just be “doing things,” but to be formed in what they were doing – to know why they were doing what they were doing and to make sure that what was done at the parish was in line with our Parish Mission and Vision Statements. Toward that end, Darrin was instrumental in the formation of parishioners who had these kinds of responsibilities.  Through emails, questions to be studied prior to or after meetings, quotes from our modern popes and church documents, Darrin made certain that every attendee to parish meetings was well versed in the parish mission (“Come, follow me”) and key concepts to implement that mission – concepts such as accompaniment, for example.

Darrin always accomplished his work with a very even disposition, which I feel probably served him well when dealing with so many different personalities.  Most important to me, you could tell when interacting with him that Darrin has a deep underlying spirituality and love for the Church.

I hope that you will seriously consider this fine man for whatever position he has applied for.



Deacon Stephen F. Kern

St. Magdalen de Pazzi Church, Flemington NJ

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