Day 1

Encyclical Reflection 3

The Church is ‘compelled’ by the Holy Spirit

Dominum Et Vivificantem (DV), 3

“The Church feels herself called to this mission of proclaiming the Spirit,… [This proclamation] are the words of Christ about the Holy Spirit, the inexhaustible source of the “water welling up to eternal life,” as truth and saving grace. Upon these words she wishes to reflect, to these words she wishes to call the attention of believers and of all people… she is compelled by the Holy Spirit to do her part towards the full realization of the will of God, who has established Christ as the source of salvation for the whole world.”

Formation Reflection

Do we reflect enough on ‘How will I live out the mission of Christ in my life today? In these words of Saint JPII, I hear him calling us to be disciples who are more ‘attentive’ to how the “inexhaustible source” for the mission of Christ is the Holy Spirit working in our lives and the life of the Church.

May these daily formation reflections lead you into a greater awareness of your relationship with the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s missionary role for your salvation and the salvation of others.

Pray:  Come Holy Spirit. Lead me in ‘mission’. Take a moment to reflect on your openess to the Holy Spirit guiding your life today for the sake of His mission. 

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