Day 1

The Holy Spirit, ‘giver of life’, is at the center and source of the Church’s renewal

Encyclical: “The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World”

Saint John Paul II

Reflection Introduction

Today you begin a small journey to help you grow in a deeper understanding and a renewed relationship with Holy Spirit for your journey of Discipleship. Over the next 5 days these formations are created in a way for you to reflect on key teaching points from Saint John Paul II in his encyclical on the Holy Spirit.

Each day you will have three key teachings to reflect on. Each reflection guides you to consider how Saint John Paul II words can help you grow as a ‘missionary disciple’.  Depending on how much time you would like to spend with the entire material each day, the daily reflection is designed to be completed between 5-10 minutes. As you journey through the 5 day’s I will be keeping you in my prayers. Now let’s begin our journey. – Darrin

Today’s Focus of Reflection

Reflection 1:   The Holy Spirit, as the ‘giver of life’.

Reflection 2:   We are called to draw near to the Holy Spirit.

Reflection 3:   The Church is compelled by the Holy Spirit.

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