Day 2

“The Spirit of the Father and the Son given to the Church”

Encyclical: “The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World”

Saint John Paul II

Formation Introduction

As Christians, we have always been called to be ‘missionary’. Before ascending into Heaven Jesus instructed the disciples to ‘Go and make disciples..teaching them all that I have commanded you’ (Matt 29:19). Pope Francis in his first encyclical, himself calling us to do the same, telling us we are all ‘missionary disciples’. He says that we are ‘agents of evangelization’(EG 120).

For many Catholics this idea of being ‘missionary disciples’ seems distant, intimidating, and at some level not relevant to them as a ‘practicing Catholic’. Yet Christ words speak to the very mission we have as his disciples. To proclaim the ‘Good News’ to others so we build ‘the kingdom of God’. As Saint John Paul II will tell us, “The Holy Spirit comes after Jesus in order to continue in the world, through the Church, the work of the Good News of Salvation”.  To help us understanding our role as missionary disciples we must foster a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. Let’s go and hear more from Saint John Paul II…..

Today’s Focus of Formation

Reflection 1: The Holy Spirit continues the work of the ‘Good News’ of salvation.

Reflection 2: The Holy Spirit will ensure that in the Church there will always continue the same truth.

Reflection 3: The Holy Spirit is the intimate source of messianic activity of Jesus Christ.

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