Day 4

Encyclical Formation 1

The openness of the human heart to the gift

Dominum Et Vivificantem (DV), 51

“The Holy Spirit, who with his power overshadowed the virginal body of Mary, made her heart perfectly obedient to that self-communication of God which surpassed every human idea and faculty. Mary entered the history of the salvation of the world through the obedience of faith. And faith, in its deepest essence, is the openness of the human heart to the gift: to God’s self- communication in the Holy Spirit.”

Formation Reflection

As disciples, our desire is to grow in our obedience [faith] to the ‘Good News’ proclaimed by Christ. Here Saint John Paul II reminds us that “faith, is the openness of the human heart” to the gift in the Holy Spirit. Reflect on how your heart is opening up more to the Holy Spirit these past few days.

Pray:  Come Holy Spirit. Strengthen my faith.

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