Day 4

“The Holy Spirit is the source of every gift that comes from God.”

Encyclical: “The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World”

Saint John Paul II

Formation Introduction

Do you seek ‘new life’ in your relationship with God? Many seek a ‘relationship with God’ through prayer and worship to ‘sustain’ a life with God. But do they seek ‘new life’? If it was just ‘life’ itself that God intended for us, then he would not have designed a plan of salvation for us. Our faith should lead us to understand that God doesn’t desire just life for us, he desires ‘new life’. His wants us in relationship with him so that we encounter his grace which provides our sanctification. Jesus Christ calls us into discipleship, to hear him proclaim the ‘Good News’, so we may encounter God’s plan of salvation. Remember, the Father with the Son sent the Holy Spirit to continue his mission of salvation.

Today’s reflection Saint John Paul II helps us focus how the Holy Spirit ‘gives life’ and provides us the source of ‘divine life’. Let’s now enter into his words and reflect on how the Holy Spirit provides the sanctifying grace which is “the principle and source of man’s new life”.

Today’s Focus of Formation

Reflection 1: The openness of the human heart to the gift.

Reflection 2: The mystery of the Incarnation opens the source of divine life.

Reflection 3: Sanctifying grace renews life.

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