Day 5

Encyclical Formation 3

The intimate truth of the human being is found….

Dominum Et Vivificantem (DV), 59

“Man’s intimate relationship with God in the Holy Spirit also enables him to understand himself, his own humanity, in a new way. Thus that image and likeness of God which man is from his very beginning is fully realized. This intimate truth of the human being has to be continually rediscovered in the light of Christ who is the prototype of the relationship with God.”

Formation Reflection

How has this journey encouraged you to be more present with the Holy Spirit? We all seek a deeper understanding of ourselves, our own humanity. This is why, as disciples, we seek a deeper relationship with Christ. To discover the “intimate truth” of our lives and “the likeness of God” which man will fully realize in the salvation offered to us through Christ.

Pray:  Come Holy Spirit. Lead me into rediscovering the ‘intimate truth’ of who I am with Christ.

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