Day 5

“The Holy Spirit strengthens the ‘inner man”

Encyclical: “The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World”

Saint John Paul II

Formation Introduction

Saint Paul said, “yet I, no longer live I, but Christ lives in me. I live by faith in the Son of God.” (Gal 5:20). In yesterday’s reflection we spoke about the ‘new life’ that the Holy Spirit provides to us. If we look even further back in our 5 day reflection that ‘new life’ is proclaimed through the ‘Good News’ of salvation. As disciples, we are called to carry this message of ‘new life’ out into the world so others may hear it. Today we briefly reflect on how the Holy Spirit is the one who continues to strengthen us so we “mature and grow stronger” (DV 58) in our faith and the mission of Christ.  

The final words of this encyclical that we will reflect on from Saint John Paul II today helps us to see how important it is to continue growing in our relationship with the Holy Spirit. No matter where you find yourself along your journey with God, there are always answers we seek to discover about our lives. Saint John Paull II states, “Man’s intimate relationship with God in the Holy Spirit also enables him to understand himself, his own humanity, in a new way”. So may you continue to grow in this relationship so your life reflects the words of Saint Paul, “Christ lives in me”.  

Today’s Focus of Formation

Reflection 1: Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, “man matures and grows”.

Reflection 2: The Holy Spirit is the ‘hidden breath’ of God.

Reflection 3: The intimate truth of the human being is found….

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