Reflection 2: “Full Of Grace”

Encyclical   Redemptoris Mater     “Mother of the Redeemer”

Encyclical Reflection 

 The purpose of God’s grace in Mary for the Incarnation:

Redemptoris Mater, 8

“God’s salvific giving of himself and his life, in some way to all creation but directly to man, reaches one of its high points in the mystery of the Incarnation. This is indeed a high point among all the gifts of grace conferred in the history of man and of the universe: Mary is “full of grace,” because it is precisely in her that the Incarnation of the Word, the hypostatic union of the Son of God with human nature, is accomplished and fulfilled.”

Personal Reflection

Reflect for a moment with Mary. What do you hear Saint John Paul II is trying to teach you about God’s grace, Mary and the Incarnation? Reread the quote again. Prayerfully look at the last sentence again. In order for the Incarnation to happen, Mary needed to be nothing less than the fullness of God’s grace. Do you see how it is through Mary that humanity first encounters God’s salvific plan because of his grace in Mary?

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