Reflection 2: “Full Of Grace”

Encyclical   Redemptoris Mater     “Mother of the Redeemer”

Encyclical Reflection

 How Mary, “Full of Grace”, was preserved from original sin….

Redemptoris Mater, 10

“By virtue of the richness of the grace of the beloved Son, by reason of the redemptive merits of him who willed to become her Son, Mary was preserved from the inheritance of original sin. In this way, from the first moment of her conception- which is to say of her existence-she belonged to Christ, sharing in the salvific and sanctifying grace and in that love”

Personal Reflection

Reflect for a moment how we suffer because of our sinful nature. Our sin holds us captive to suffering. However, Jesus Christ came to ‘proclaim liberty to the captives’ (Luke 4:18). When the Gospel message is accepted by our heart, God’s grace, Jesus’ words and deeds is the sanctifying grace that turns our suffering into our redemption. If you reflect on the very first line, “by virtue of the richness of the grace”, you see how God willed Mary to be free of sin since her very existence. Free of sin so she completely belonged to Christ. Reflect for a moment how Mary can provide you with her grace so you can belong to Christ even more?

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