Reflection 3: “In Faith”

Encyclical   Redemptoris Mater     “Mother of the Redeemer”

Encyclical Reflection 3

In faith, Mary instructs us to listen to her son, Jesus

Redemptoris Mater, 21

“Another essential element of Mary’s maternal task is found in her words to the servants: “Do whatever he tells you.” The Mother of Christ presents herself as the spokeswoman of her Son’s will, pointing out those things which must be done so that the salvific power of the Messiah may be manifested. At Cana, thanks to the intercession of Mary and the obedience of the servants, Jesus begins “his hour.” At Cana Mary appears as believing in Jesus. Her faith evokes his first “sign” and helps to kindle the faith of the disciples.”

Personal Response

Like Mary, reflect for a moment on how your words today can inspire others to ‘kindle’ a faith in Jesus. Our faith should move us to be an instrument of God’s grace in the lives of others. Mary brought Christ to Elizabeth, and her response to that encounter was “blessed is the fruit of your womb”. Be attentive today to how the Holy Spirit may lead you to bring Christ to someone in your journey today to help increase their faith.

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