Reflection 4: “Mary and the Church’s pilgrimage of Faith”

Encyclical   Redemptoris Mater     “Mother of the Redeemer”

Encyclical Reflection 1

Mary is ever present in the Church’s pilgrimage of faith

Redemptoris Mater, 26

“Built by Christ upon the Apostles, the Church became fully aware of these mighty works of God on the day of Pentecost, when those gathered together in the Upper Room “were all filled with the Holy Spirit…From that moment there also begins that journey of faith, the Church’s pilgrimage through the history of individuals and peoples. We know that at the beginning of this journey Mary is present. We see her in the midst of the Apostles in the Upper Room, “prayerfully imploring the gift of the Spirit… And that first group of those who in faith looked “upon Jesus as the author of salvation,” knew that Jesus was the Son of Mary, and that she was his Mother, and that as such she was from the moment of his conception and birth a unique witness to the mystery of Jesus”

Personal Reflection

You are part of the Church’s journey of faith. A journey that is to witness to the world the ‘Good News’ proclaimed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mary, because of her ‘unique witness to the mystery of Jesus’, is present in your life to grow in your call of discipleship.

Pray,  Mary, guide me in faith today to be a witness of Christ.

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