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Session 2:

Encountering Jesus

“The Invitation”

“We have a tremendous opportunity with Catholics today. But first we must personally respond to Jesus’ invitation.” – Darrin

During our last session we discussed “The Invitation”. We reflected on the importance of our response as Catholics to Jesus Christ’s invitation. His invitation to “Come and see” is daily so we are encountered by our living God. Through His invitation and encounter we come to a deeper understanding of His revelation for our lives. As St. Pope JP II stated in our encyclical reflection Redemptoris Missio, “God’s revelation becomes definitive and complete through his only-begotten Son”. As Catholic ministry leadership in the Church, it is vital that we continue to be awaken to a deeper and more personal relationship with Christ if we are to truly live out His mission.

Catholic Canon law article 513 speaks about one of the primary ministry leadership organizations for the parish, the Pastoral Council. It states, “a pastoral council is to be established in each parish; the pastor presides over it, and through it the Christian faithful along with those who share in the pastoral care of the parish…give their help in fostering pastoral activity”. For a pastoral council to ‘help foster pastoral activity’ in a parish with the heart of Christ’s mission, members should spiritually possess two things. First, a desire to be a ‘follower of Christ’ [discipleship] so they continue a deeper more personal understanding that “God’s revelation becomes definitive and complete through his only-begotten Son”. Secondly, an understanding that this “definitive self-revelation of God is the fundamental reason why the Church is missionary by her very nature”. The pastoral activity the pastoral council is called to ‘help foster’ should be centered on the mission of Christ. Missionary pastoral activity is focused on fostering evangelization initiatives that draw people ‘near to Christ’(RM3) for both the faithful and the unbaptized.

Our next session will be “Encountering Jesus: Remain in me”. Once we have acknowledged His invitation it will be important that our hearts turn toward Jesus daily with following Him. When we ‘remain in Christ’ our hearts experience on-going conversion. Our lives begin to ‘bear fruit’ that is directly related to our relationship with Jesus Christ. Spreading of the Gospel message and experiences of the Kingdom of God is the very fruit Christ desires.


Personal Reflection:

What are some of the ways, outside of the celebration of Mass, that you see your parish inviting people to encounter Jesus Christ?


So far we have had a conversation about “The Current Catholic Experience” and “Encountering Jesus: The Invitation”. Can you name two or three insights from these conversations that you have found helpful?


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