Session 5 – Reflection 2

Pastoral Planning with the heart of Discipleship and Evangelization

“Mission and Maintenance”

“We have a tremendous opportunity with Catholics today. But first we must respond to Jesus’ invitation”

Ministry Mission instead of Maintenance

“No matter how many institutions we sustain or how much activity goes on in our parish or diocese, if new intentional disciples are not regularly emerging in our midst, our ministry is not bearing its most essential fruit”                                                                Sherry Weddell, Forming Intentional Disciples, pg 67

As ministry leaders at our parish, God has provided us a wonderful opportunity to be witnesses of the mission of Jesus Christ. Our ‘awakening’ gatherings have provided opportunities for us to discern our own personal relationship with Jesus Christ (Discipleship) as well as an opportunity to view our ministry more in the light of  mission (Evangelization). In the next two gatherings we will focus on the parish life aspects of ‘maintenance’ and ‘mission’. Our discussions will guide us to look at our ministries and parish structures through the lenses of maintenance and mission. In order to have these discussions, we will need to ask ourselves in what ways do our ministries ‘bear fruit’ of Christ (mission). We will also have to ask ourselves in what ways do our ministries need to grow more in ‘genuine spiritual accompaniment’ so they indeed bring people closer to Christ?

Personal Reflection 

Ministry Mission vs Maintenance

Reflection Question:

Since our conversation about ‘genuine spiritual accompaniment’ how did it help you to see your ministry may need to reflect a stronger sense of walking with others to lead them toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

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