“As we have been discussing through this ‘awakening’ series, there is a real and present ‘crisis’ in our parishes and with Catholics in general. Many Catholics, those who sit in the pews and those who are no longer in the pews, struggle to find real relevance of faith for their lives and are drawn away from the Catholic Church by the many temptations of our society.”


“It is time that we truly awaken our hearts and theirs to discipleship and the mission of Christ. As we know, our call as disciples is to lead people toward Christ so they can also have a personal relationship with him.”


“We have journeyed through our sessions to personally strengthen our own relationship with Jesus Christ. Now it is time for us to reflect broader and view parish life through the lens of discipleship and evangelization. To begin asking ourselves the questions, “What ministries still just move people through the motions of practicing Catholicism? [Maintenance]. And what ministries are leading people into encountering Jesus Christ in a very real and personal relationship? [Missionary].”


“Many Catholics believe that if they do all the right things, follow all the rules, and perform all the rituals that will lead them to a deep faith and trust in God. More than ever today’s Catholic culture shows that this is not sustaining faith.”


“One of the obstacles to calling our own to discipleship is that few Catholics have ever heard of the kerygma or ‘the Great Story of Jesus” and even fewer even know what the kerygma contains [for their lives].”         Sherry Weddell, Forming Intentional Disciples, pg 67

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