I would suspect that most of us are familiar with the scripture passage in the Gospel of Luke where Jesus visits two sisters named Martha and Mary. Jesus visits their home, Martha opens the door and then the messiness of life unfolds in his presence. During one of our Online Hour of Prayer gathering’s we discussed this encounter. We learned it was rich with personal insights into how we may respond to Jesus.

Let’s take a look at how this speaks to our own relationship with Jesus.

So often we look upon this scripture passage as a way to reflect on “Who am I more like in my life, Mary or Martha?”. However, if you prayerfully consider this encounter with Jesus, they both teach us important spiritual disciplines we should be attentive to when it comes to our own personal encounters with Jesus. If you need to read the scripture passage pull out your bible and read Luke 10:38-42.

Discipleship is a daily journey that reflects each of these actions of Martha and Mary. Today, will you open the door to welcome Jesus?



“The Lord said to her in reply, “Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things.(Luke 10:41)”

There are six spiritual disciplines in this passage to consider for your own personal encounters with Jesus.


“Martha welcomed Jesus.” Simple yet important to consider. How do you welcome Jesus into your life each day? Maybe the question for some might be ‘Do I welcome Jesus in my life each day?’. I understand the many distractions you might have in your life today. But to have this encounter with Jesus you must first open the door and welcome him.


“Mary sat at the feet of Jesus.” Just as in this scripture passage, we can open the door as Martha did but then be distracted by other things. Mary shows us the posture of discipleship. Slow down, sit with Jesus and really be present.


“Mary sat listening to him speak”. In a moment we will see what distinguishes Mary from Martha with her ability to sit and listen. To truly listen we need to be spiritually quiet and attentive. I know this can be challenging in today’s world with the stress of so many priorities. And this is where Martha plays a role in our reflection.

Let go.

“Martha burdened, she came to him”. It took her a little while, but she finally encountered Jesus. Maybe the gestures she was giving Mary about helping her, or the quick tempered words she may have whispered to Mary were not working. True conversion and spiritual transformation first begins when we bring our needs to Jesus and encounter him. What ‘burdens’ do you still hold onto? Are you ready to bring them to Jesus and seek his wisdom?


“Mary has chosen the better part”. It is interesting that Jesus didn’t speak these words at the very beginning. He allowed Martha and Mary to live out their own intentions with their ‘encounter’ with him. God does not force judgement upon us. He patiently waits for us with empathy and compassion with Hope to respond to his presence in our lives.

Discipleship is a daily journey that reflects each of these actions of Martha and Mary. Today, will you open the door to welcome Jesus? Will you sit at his feet, bring your burdens with an openness so he may heal and transform your heart?

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