“Today too, people prefer to listen to witnesses; they “thirst for authenticity” and “call for evangelizers to speak of a God whom they themselves know and are familiar with, as if they were seeing him.”

Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, 150

“I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit.”

John 15:5


“The person who wishes to understand himself thoroughly must draw near to Christ.

God has made himself fully known and has shown us the path to himself.”

Saint John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio 2,3

Conversion gives rise to a dynamic and lifelong process which demands a continual turning away from “life according to the flesh” to “life according to the Spirit” (cf. Rom 8:3-13). Conversion means accepting, by a personal decision, the saving sovereignty of Christ and becoming his disciple.

Saint Pope John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio, 46

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and Parish life

Our online Hour of Prayer Experiences

 Growing as Disciples of Christ

“Being ‘missionary’ by sharing the gospel with others as we walk the journey of life with them”

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Michelle Capodiferro

Brooklyn, New York

“This prayer, praise, and discussion helps me to gain deeper insights into my faith. It also helps me to know how to share faith with others”



Valerie DeVito

Warren, New Jersey

 “Darrin’s online Prayer, Praise and Worship gatherings have been a blessing.  During this time of such uncertainty, the coming together of fellow followers of Christ have reminded me that there is stability in our faith..” 

Erin Noonan

Martinsville, New Jersey

I truly enjoyed the zoom meeting Darrin arranged. In these uncertain times, I find myself feeling disconnected from everyone and miss being at mass and having the personal interaction among us. I am able to watch daily and Sunday mass on the computer but, miss the interactions. Darrin was able to provide a spiritual evening and allow for personal interaction also. Thank you so much Darrin for allowing us to participate in this evening.


Mary Ann Giannone

Brooklyn, New York

I appreciate you leading this Holy Hour.  It was great to see at least 20 other participants joining the call.  It appears we are all in the same boat. I think at this time it is especially important to stay focused on our spiritual path.  

The online gatherings have really helped me during this very unstable time!


James Wegeler

Flemington, New Jersey

“I really enjoyed the opportunity of prayer, reflecting on the music and Darrin’s personal witness about his journey and relationship with Jesus. I look forward to the next one.”





Lynda Holler

Brewster, New York

 “I always find it inspiring to hear reflections from many different people on a reading.  My understanding of God is enriched as he reveals Himself through others.” 

Dan Germain

Warren, New Jersey

“The time spent in this hour of prayer has been more beneficial to my life than I could ever imagine. It’s been enlightening in so many ways and has brought me closer to God and the Holy Spirit. Darrin has been an inspiration to all of us and a great spiritual leader. I urge anybody that reads this to come and join us. I can guarantee you will feel the spirit of the Holy Spirit in so many ways.





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Readings and Reflection Questions





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and Sharing




Vibrant Parish Life Ministries and Consulting 

“A parish journey becomes vibrant in the mission of Christ when the hearts of the faithful are being evangelized.”

– Darrin Nelson, Owner – Lead Consultant


“We exist to journey with parishes and individuals to evangelize the hearts of the faithful so their parishes become vibrant in the mission of Jesus Christ.”




“We lead the faithful in a process of discernment and planning to foster ‘Encounters with Jesus’ that guide them into a deeper understanding of the Gospel message to invoke a personal response to Jesus”



Through our consultation we look to achieve the following:


  • We work with key leadership to create a foundation for parish evangelization discernment through specific Church encyclicals, scripture reflections, and key strategic discernment.


  • We will guide the parish leadership with creating a written evangelization profile that outlines current challenges and to discover the appropriate strategies to begin evangelizing your parish.


  • Guide the leadership to discover key ‘shallow entry points of encounters’ that will help foster a person’s journey of Trust, Curiosity and Openness to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.


  • We will provide key steps to help establish at the parish an Evangelization Committee or formation strategies to help strengthen an existing Evangelization Committee

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